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A question and answer session between TermPapersEssay and You

What is the process that you follow in order to be exclusive in every order?

Every order and relation with the student is influential and exclusive for us. Every customer is our priority, hence when you make the order; the team of experts will start gearing up! Researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders; all start their particular exercises as soon as they get their sections in their hands.

Plus there is a quality assurance department that includes professionals who practically read and understand each and every complexity of your piece of work like an examiner or a supervisor, and hence make suitable amendments before passing it to you; as a Masterpiece!

Privacy should never be affected; what will you do to keep my details private and secured?

The students are like our own family to us, every detail is strictly kept as confidential as possible! Even the writers and the other experts do not have access to the personal information of the customer (student) except the details about the Essay, Term Paper, Thesis, or other projects that the customer has ordered.

Time is what I do not have! How can I trust you with timing issues for my essay writing?

From 24-hours (1 Day) to a month, we support all the circumstances that the student is dealing with. The professionals are trained and experienced PROs who can tackle all types of situations as per the student’s desires and requests.

What about a revision or an editing service?

From one (1) to infinity, the student can get his/her work revised as many times as he/she wishes to! But rest assured that you will not require any revisions since you will be receiving a plagiarism-free report along with your work; and every task is going to be completed according to your requirements and your supervisor’s instructions. And ESL/EFL students can order their pre-written projects to be polished and edited by our experts to make sure they are made perfect!

Can I make suggestions? Are they appreciated?

Our company promotes two-way communication in all the circumstances! The student’s suggestions are more than welcome whenever he/she wishes to make any, and the writers can at all times be contacted by the student so as to ensure effectiveness and better results!

Uniqueness cannot be compromised, plus my weaknesses should all be cleared away. Is it possible?

Continuous contact with the writers means the work created will be outstanding and obviously be unique in all aspects. And you can be sure that no errors or weaknesses will be left behind for any problems being invited. An ideal matter is the upshot of every order that you place with our company!

What about the structures and formats of my thesis, essay, or term paper?

The writers use a ’12-point’ size structure in the Microsoft Word format, with the standard writing style of ‘Times New Roman’, so that every word and statement is specifically readable! The student can also advise his/her own unique format and style of the project if he/she wishes to.

Am I secure while making an online payment to TermPapersEssay? What about installments?

Being legit users of PayPal, and other online banks, our company is as secure as it can ever be. You can make installments (after referring your case to our CSRs (Customer Support Representatives) and payments through your PayPal account, debit card, credit card, or any online bank account that you have. The servers that are utilized for every transaction are all securely encrypted so that every transaction is safe and secure, for you and for us as well.

How much of the work is done? How will I know?

Contact is something that we always prefer for our customers and writers. When any idea, suggestion, or any issue for that matter, which bothers you; it can always be consulted with the experts and is well-appreciated by us. You can get in touch on a regular basis to know the progress of your work.

Would you let me know when it is done?

When the order is complete, we will let you know through any means that you used to contact us while ordering, and the work will be E-mailed to you because it is the safest and fastest method to deliver your order.

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