Ideal Hybrid Bed for Side and Stomach Sleepers

Simply put, what does it mean to sleep on a hybrid mattress? A hybrid best-side sleeper mattress is a cross between an innerspring and a foam mattress, with the coils often located in the base and the foams in the comfort layers.

Why Is a Hybrid Mattress Better?

Hybrid mattresses’ design incorporates the greatest features of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses without the drawbacks for which each kind is typically criticized.

Innerspring mattresses, for example, are great for support and airflow but can be a bit bouncy and unsettling for some people. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, are great at cushioning your joints and reducing motion transfer (so you won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements), but they also tend to be hot and can make some people feel “swallowed up” in bed.

Innerspring Stability

The innerspring stability and airiness are combined with the foam mattress body sculpting and motion isolation in a hybrid mattress. Additionally, leading mattress manufacturers are always developing new, exclusive materials (such as cooling gels and antimicrobial copper infusions) to increase sleep quality for everyone.

What is the going rate for a hybrid bed?        

Many stores regularly offer discounts of 10% to 30%, so you may be able to get a hybrid mattress for closer to $1,600. Keep an eye out for mattress sales if you’re in the market for a new bed; these tend to pop up around major shopping holidays like Black Friday, President’s Day, and Day weekend.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing without first trying it out, you can be certain that the trial periods, which typically last anywhere from 100 days to a year, are rather generous.

Support, And Overall Quality

In terms of comfort, support, and overall quality, these are the ones we recommend most highly. I have slept on (and adored) every single one of them. Seeking to learn which option best fits your needs? This article will discuss the best hybrid mattresses currently available and provide you with all the information you need to construct a comfortable hybrid mattress. If you’re still having trouble deciding which mattress to buy, you can rest assured that the businesses we’ve included here all have generous return policies.

The given prices do not include the frequent sales that mattress manufacturers offer. We also offer rankings of the best linens and pillows if you’re trying to upgrade your full bedding set.


There are a total of three gradations of firmness: (Plush Soft) Medium, (Luxury Firm) Medium-Firm, and (Firm) Nine to Ten.

Assurance for all Time

Visually, the Saatva Classic stands out from the competition. It includes two coil layers, one that helps contour your body and the other that resists drooping, and a 3-inch thick Euro cushion top. The feel of this hybrid innerspring mattress was the closest I’ve found to that of a typical spring mattress, but with far less motion transfer and no creaking.

The springs and foam underneath the pillow top gave me the right support to keep my back from sagging and throwing my spine out of alignment while I slept on my side. That, though, is on its plushest bed.

Popular Option

The most popular option is the Luxury Firm mattress, which has a medium-firm feel and scored a 7 out of 10. This mattress is suitable for those who sleep on their back, stomach, or in a combination of positions. The mattress may seem too hard if you prefer a softer surface or weigh less than 150 pounds and find that most beds are too soft. Due in large part to its double-coil construction. Please find out more in our comprehensive evaluation of the mattress.